Become an Influencer

On top of enjoying the life changing benefits of Activ Greens, imagine being able to share this amazing product with others and getting rewarded lucratively as you inspire others to do the same.

By aligning with AAO, you are aligning with other like-minded individuals, striving to live their best lives, and are here to help support you to do the same.


Our system takes away the challenges typically associated with building a traditional business and allows you to set in motion a passive income stream that offers you the most precious reward of all, financial freedom and the time to enjoy it with your friends and family.


By following our simple wealth building system, our system works around the clock for you, and as others you have introduced to AAO do the same, you will truly be able cash in on the rewards of true leveraged income generation.

The Magic of The Matrix

Not only are you rewarded by your efforts and the efforts of those you introduce to AAO, but even people who have joined our team before you, as they introduce others to Activ Greens, some of their customers and team members may also financially benefit you as they “spill over” into your rewards network.


Teamwork at its best! Together, everyone achieves more.




in just 10 levels

I’m sure you have heard of compounding interest on money or investments. We take it to the next level, and help you enjoy the benefits of compounding “efforts”.

Imagine, if you did nothing more than refer 3 people to enjoy the benefits of Activ Greens, and they did the same, and so on. Your referral matrix could quickly grow to 1000s of customers and you have the opportunity to earn a percentage on all of these sales.

Don’t forget, people who joined before you, as they are also introducing others, some of their customers are spilling over into your profits network as well.

The Power of 3 to Set You Free!

Here is the truly unique power of our wealth building system, No Team Member has more than 3 referral members on the first level of their rewards network, the rest “spill over” below those 3 members, and so on. Can you see how powerful this can be?

The Power of The Customer

There may be people you share Activ Greens with that are satisfied with just being a happy customer. Even customers have the ability to share the benefits of ActiveGreens with others and can get their product for free each month.

With just 3 referrals, customers can get their product for free each month and their customers can do the same. This creates a true backbone of stable income.

Not only do you earn money from these customers each month, you have the ability to be paid on their customers as well and so on as they are inspired to receive this great product for free each month


Getting Started in 3 Simple Steps

Start Enjoying the Benefits of Activ Greens

You can have all the wealth in the world, but without your health, you will never be able to truly enjoy it. This is why Activ Greens is the cornerstone to our wealth building system.

Sign Up as AN
AAO Influencer

This will qualify you to earn income on those that you refer, and other customers that may fall into your profit network by those who joined before you.

Plug into our Simple Automated System

We provide you with all the tools, tips, tricks and easy to follow training to help you quickly start getting your product for free each month, while you put in motion the magic of duplication.

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